Bad News for Asylum Seekers: The Effect of Issue Salience on Judicial Decision Making.” Working Paper. (conditionally accepted at AJPS)

Working Papers

[judicial behavior, asylum]

Inferring Individual Preferences from Group Decisions: Judicial Preference Variation and Aggregation on Collegial Courts.” (with Dominik Hangartner and Benjamin E. Lauderdale) Working Paper.

Do Fewer Judges Reach Different Decisions? Evidence from a Procedural Change in Asylum Appeal Decision Making.” Working Paper.

[media effects, voting behavior]

Media Take-Over and Voting Behavior: Can Politician-Owned Newspapers Shift Voters?” Working Paper. (under review)

Ongoing Projects

[exclusionary attitudes, voting behavior]

“Historical Anti-Semitism and Contemporary Exclusionary Attitudes.” (with Elias Dinas)

“Historical Exclusionary Attitudes.” (with Dominik Hangartner)

[exclusionary attitudes, collective memory]

“Wikipedia as a Battlefield of Negationism: Do Reactionary Political Actors’ Negationist Pushes Affect Public Memory?” (with Kasia Nalewajko)

Policy Papers


Dealing with the Refugee Crisis: Policy Lessons from Economics and Political Science.” (with Dominik Hangartner and Matti Sarvimäki), Report for Finland’s Economic Policy Council, 2017.

[development, humanitarian aid]

“The Political Economy of the West Bank. An Attempt to Explain the Economic Protests in September 2012.” (with Hans Heyn), KAS Country Report (also in German).

“Is Resilience a Valid Objective for Humanitarian Aid?” (with Caroline Hargreaves et al.), Report for MSF UK, 2012.